Send my curriculum and I have not been called, what can I do?

Review the publication and verify that I fulfill all the requirements that the company seeks. If I fulfill them, email the recruiter again to be on the lookout.

How long does it take for a person to be hired?

It can vary in the type of positions, and the necessary interview filters; It could be between 1 to 3 weeks on average. No process is similar to the rest, so there are many factors that can make it take more or less time.

If I don't have experience, what can I do?

It is not necessary to have previous experience, at DENSO we value the Professional Internships that the candidate has; In case of not having internships, you can include special works / projects from the school and even a specific seminar or course.

How do I know if I really apply to the vacancy?

Review in detail the requirements that the company requests and the activities that it would be carrying out if it were selected. If I fulfill at least 80% of the requested, I can consider myself as a good candidate to apply for the vacancy.

Is it convenient to call and ask about the vacancy?

The call is recommended when you have already been interviewed in person at the company and there is still no answer, it would be the ideal time to call the recruiter and check the status of the process.

What are the most common questions during an interview?

The most common is to question regarding the personal sphere in order to know the candidate in detail. Questions about academic preparation, languages, knowledge and previous experiences. It is important that you know everything that appears in your CV and that everything is true, since the interviewer may ask you about a particular point.

If I am not chosen or called, what can I do?

Carefully review if I fulfill the requirements, if not, review more vacancies that the company has and see if I apply in any more. If not, check that I need to be able to focus on that and be able to cover the required profile.